The Agripeppe Soc. Coop. focuses on the concept of Quality, carrying out a constant monitoring of the production chain, supporting the local farms in the entire production, collection and selection process, which is carried out in the ripening periods fully respecting the seasonality of the produce.

The Agripeppe Soc. Coop. is, also, a link between the production cycle and sale, concentrating on a progressive organization, based on a technical synergy and distribution of the work; it invests in consultancy and marketing, concentrating on all services related to the achievement of a high degree of customer and supplier loyalty and satisfaction; selects from the various types of packaging available, including the various networks (Polymer, CPR, IFCO)

Opta per la selezione delle varie tipologie di imballaggio, compresi i vari circuiti (Polymer, CPR, IFCO )

In the context of quality management system, the Company, in addition to the implementation of the HACCP system and traceability of goods, in compliance with applicable laws, obtained product conformity certification in accordance with the rules of the GLOBAL G.A.P. scheme.